Service Opportunities

Listed below are current and upcoming service opportunities in the OA Central Florida Intergroup. To fulfill one of these positions, a member should participate in an OA group that is registered by OA World Service and is part of the Central Florida Intergroup. For more detailed descriptions of duties and other requirements, please see the resources listed below. The link to each resource is as follows:

Retreat Manual
Policies and Procedures


Service PositionDateDescription of DutiesAbstinence RequirementMore Info
FALL RETREAT CHAIR OR CO-CHAIRSMarch 2024Oversees all aspects of the fall retreat held locally by OACFI, usually in October every year3 monthsp. 3 in Retreat Manual and pp. 11-12 in Policies and Procedures
PUBLIC INFORMATION AND PROFESSIONAL OUTREACH (PIP0) COMMITTEE CHAIRASAPFacilitate making the general public and professionals aware of OA, particularly in this geographical area.3 monthspp. 6-7 and pp. 12-13 in Policies and Procedures. Contact Alyson T.
For more info:
12TH STEP WITHIN CHAIRASAPCoordinate outreach to OA members in relapse, help plan events to help those in relapse.3 monthspp. 6-7 and p. 12 in Policies and Procedures
Next Generation ChairASAPEncourage groups to welcome young people who come to OA. Help recruit young people for OA, locally.  3 monthspp. 6-7 and p. 13 in Policies and Procedures
Mailing List coordinatorASAPCurrently part of Secretary’s duties. Coordinate all emails about OA events which are sent to OA members in groups in the OACFI or to members on our mailing lists. There are two mailing lists—one for the newsletter and one for OACFI Intergroup news. Resolve problems with emails coming back as undelivered. Training will be provided.Not ListedNot referenced in Policies and Procedures or Bylaws.  
Region 8 representatives (2 openings)ASAPRepresent OACFI at all Region 8 Assembly meetings and prepare report for OACFI about such representation. Travel expenses are reimbursed by OACFI.  6 monthsp. 6 in Policies and Procedures and p. 6 in Bylaws
Intergroup Meeting Representatives    Needed ASAP only for groups that do not currently have a Meeting Representative for Intergroup.Attend monthly video conference OACFI meetings to bring back news to the group you represent. Vote on behalf of your group when decisions requiring a vote are being made.  3 monthspp. 6-7 and p. 15 in Policies and Procedures, and pp. 3-4 in Bylaws
Intergroup ChairJan 1, 2025Set the agenda for and preside at all regular meetings of the OA Central Florida Intergroup. Deal with all business and financial aspects of Intergroup. Oversee all OACFI committees.  1 yearpp. 3-4 of Policies and Procedures, and pp. 4-8 of Bylaws If interested, you should plan on shadowing the current chair in 2024. This is an OACFI Board Position.  
Intergroup Vice-Chair  Jan 1, 2025Take the chair’s place in the chair’s absence at meeting. Oversee review of Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures.  1 yearp. 4 of Policies and Procedures and pp. 4-8 of Bylaws This is an OACFI Board Position.
Intergroup Secretary  Jan 1, 2025Records and distributes minutes of all OACFI Intergroup Meetings. Sends out newsletter and other materials via email to local OA members.  1 yearp. 5 of Policies and Procedures and pp. 4-8 of Bylaws This is an OACFI Board Position.  
Facebook Page Administrator  Jan 1, 2025Receive and post upcoming events and newsletters on the OACFI Facebook page, monitor usage of the Facebook Page. Make sure required number of postings is met.  Answer inquiries from those visiting the site about meetings, OA, etc.  3 monthspp. 6-7 and p. 11 in Policies and Procedures
*Web Manager(s) *January 1, 2025   Jan 1, 2025Post updated links and documents related to OA and OACFI on the Intergroup webpage ( in a timely manner.  3 monthspp. 6-8 in Policies and Procedures  
Electronic Interface Administrator  Jan 1, 2025Troubleshoot and coordinate oversight of the Intergroup’s website, email, and mailing list accounts with the hosting body.  3 monthspp. 6-7 and p. 10 in Policies and Procedures
Intergroup Treasurer Jan 1, 2026Maintains OACFI bank accounts; submits yearly budget; handles all incoming and outgoing funds.  1 yearpp. 4- 5 of Policies and Procedures and pp. 4-8 of Bylaws This is an OACFI Board Position.  
Meeting List Coordinator   Jan 1, 2026Maintain electronic list of all OACFI meetings and update as needed. Distribute updated list to website personnel, newsletter editor, and treasurer.  3 monthspp. 6-7 and p. 10 in Policies and Procedures  
Literature Chair  Jan 1, 2026Make OA-Conference-Approved literature available to OACFI members. Travel expenses reimbursed.  3 monthspp. 6-7 and pp. 9-10 in Policies and Procedures  
Newsletter Editor  Jan 1, 2026Produce monthly newsletter, with articles on the Step and Tradition corresponding to the month of the newsletter, as well as information of interest to OA members in OACFI. Include Treasurer’s Report and Meeting List in newsletter. Publish newsletter electronically, with hyperlinks where appropriate.  3 monthspp. 6-9 in Policies and Procedures Note:  The current secretary is willing to take over this position as long as someone takes over her position.
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