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Your Trusted Servants for Central Florida Intergroup

Chair:Pam T. chair@oacfi.org
Vice-Chair:Debby H. vicechair@oacfi.org
Secretary:Carlene D. secretary@oacfi.org
Treasurer:Kathy M. treasurer@oacfi.org
Parliamentarian:Annie M. wowannie1@gmail.com
#1 WSO Delegate:Pam T. 
#2 WSO Delegate:Debby H. 
Co-Webmaster:Annie M. webmaster@oacfi.org
#1 Region Rep:Dee N. 
#2 Region Rep:Kathy M. 
#3 Region Rep:Alyson T. 
#4 Region Rep:Annie M. wowannie1@gmail.com
New Beginnings Editor:Alicia R.2023newsletter@gmail.com
New Beginnings Co-Editor:Kathy S.newsletter@oacfi.org
12th Step Within:Vacant 
PI/PO:Alyson T. 
Next Gen:Vacant 
Retreat Jacqueline R.
& Elaine V.

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